Keeping your business’ inventory stocked need not be such a trying task. Having the items that you need in place to stock said inventory and market it to your customers is equally as important. Thank goodness there’s the convenience of the internet for all of your retail store supplies. We’ll provide the top reasons why more businesses are looking online to stay stocked up.

Lower Prices

Pricing is just better online. It’s one of the primary drivers for online shopping during the present day. You’ll typically find better prices on just about everything that you find online because internet retailers have fewer overheads and higher profit margins.

Front Door Delivery

Arguably, easy shipping is an innate convenience that’s attached to online shopping. Being able to place an order in just a few clicks and know that a few days later it will be delivered to your business’ doorstep is comforting and convenient.

Easy Returns

While this can’t be said to be true for all merchants that sell retail store supplies online, the standard return period for ecommerce is 30-days. Most retailers offer hassle-free returns policies to earn your business these days, too. Just another way that the web makes shopping easier.

Superior Selection

Forever a mainstay to online shopping, superior selection is the key attraction factor. So much so, in fact, that even Forbes agrees. One of the primary reasons shoppers look the internet is to enjoy more replete selection, something that is apparent with retail store supplies as well.

Fast Shipping

While you won’t always find expedited shipping options, most retailers strive to offer these to appeal to their consumers. Some places may tack on additional charges to expedite shipping, and others may just include it in the purchase price. Either way, there’s usually a way to get your purchased goods delivered even faster when time is of concern.

More Convenient

It’s simply more convenient to shop online. You don’t have to go anywhere or even pick up the phone. You can securely shop from your back office computer and place orders at your discretion. What’s easier than that?

Fast Price Comparison

Knowing that you are getting the best price with retail store supplies online requires just a few more clicks. One can easily cross reference prices with other stores to assure that they are getting the lowest one. What’s more, most stores offer to match or beat prices to earn your business.

Online Reviews

Knowing what experience to expect before you step in is a big deal. With a host of online review websites out there these days, learning the reputation of any vendor is as simple as doing a web search. You’ll be able to easily wheedle out the bad sellers and find the one that is pleasing its customers. It’s never been more straightforward when it comes to finding reputable merchants to do business with.

What are the top reasons why people are relocating to waterfront homes? Aside from the obvious, like having water lapping within yards of your back yard, there are actually quite a few solid reasons to consider them. We’ll take you on a tour of the top five, so you can better decide and make up your mind.

Idyllic, Serene Setting

If you long for the clear, refreshing waterfront air, the breathtaking views and a serene setting that’s comparable to few others, that’s what you will find with waterfront homes of all type. For many, it’s one of the primary reasons why they consider relocating to these welcoming, set away enclaves.

Perfect For Outdoor Enthusiasts

A quick look at some recent listings of waterfront homes for sale in CT finds that most are ideally suited for outdoor enthusiasts and recreationists. For those who love watersports, the options are truly limitless. Then there’s recreational vehicles, hiking, hunting, fishing, camping and an unending variety of different outdoor activities that can be enjoyed nearly from your backyard.

Bedroom, Lifestyle Communities

If you really examine the variety of communities that are offering these beautiful waterfront homes for sale in CT, you will quickly realize that they are, for the most part, bedroom communities. Most have stringent HOA policies in place to help keep the town clean and respectable. There are also plenty of lifestyle communities, like 50+ communities and even senior assisted-living housing options, making them an ideal consideration for people from all walks of life.

Close Proximity To America’s Historic Locations

One innate benefit of waterfront homes in CT is that you are located near a plethora of historical landmarks and locations. According to Wikipedia, there are over 61 of these locations in CT, ranging from famous homes and mansions to landmarks, battlefields, monuments and many more. For American history buffs, it’s an ideal location that has plenty of sights to see nearby that deliver a rich dose of history.

Vacation Time Year Round  

Waterfront homes in CT also offer one thing that many homesteads simply are unable to do: vacation time, all of the time. Imagine if the only thing that was standing between you and that fancy, custom boat you love was just the necessary steps it took you to walk from your yard to your dock and get in it. What if your favorite camping spot was ten minutes away? Or what if you could enjoy clean air, a clear sky and ample hiking by just going outside? 

These elements and many more await those who are adventurous enough to consider a location that’s situated outside of the confines of the cement jungle. The only question that remains is whether or not this lifestyle is right for you.

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and live in one of the greatest cities in North America: Montreal. Home to the Mount-Royal, the Habs and world famous poutine, Montreal is a great city to live in. But where exactly in Montreal do you want to live? With many Montreal condos for sale, this guide will help you pick with neighbourhood will be right for you.
The Plateau
The Plateau, situated near the base of the Mont-Royal, is where you’ll find all the young and hip students. It is known for being the home to many artists, young professionals and students, many of which have come from France. It also has the first dog café, cat café and even the first ever vegan juice bar in Montreal. The streets are lined with cafes and boutiques, with outdoor terraces taking up much of the sidewalks. If you were to live in the Plateau, you could easily walk to St-Viateur Bagel & Café and enjoy one of their famous bagels. You can also spend your days walking along boulevard Saint-Laurent, more commonly known as the Main, and browsing through designer boutiques.  When it comes to living space, you are most likely to find duplexes and triplexes. Although rent is expensive, you can get together with a few friends to cover the costs and live in the heart of Montreal.  
Saint-Henri is one of the up and coming neighbourhoods of Montreal. It is becoming so desirable that is being called the “new Plateau”. The architecture of the neighbourhood is unlike anything else in Montreal. The neighbourhood has maintained many of its old buildings and their charm. One of the most popular buildings in Fire Station 23 which was an old school that was converted into an art-deco-style fire station and is home to the Saint-Henri’s heritage office. The neighbourhood allows for easy access to downtown by public transport but also offers you the peace and quiet you can get from living near the Lachine Canal. Being near to the Atwater Market means you can always keep you fridge stocked with fresh ingredients and anything else you might need for a picnic near the canal. The rent is actually cheaper than the Plateau and you’re more likely to find condos and apartments ranging from 3 ½ to as large as 5 ½.
Living in Ville-Marie would guarantee there never being a dull moment. The borough is composed of many neighbourhoods including downtown, Old Montreal, the Gay Village, the Latin Quarter and the Quartier des Spectacle. Many of Montreal’s main attractions are found in Ville-Marie. You can easily visit the Mont-Royal for an exquisite view of the city, or you can explore the Old Port and dine in one of the many gourmet restaurants it has to offer. Living in Ville-Marie would mean never having a dull moment as well as being very central. Downtown is Montreal’s central business district with many company’s headquarters located there. You could easily live near your work or get there by public transport. Because the borough has many different styles, you can find housing ranging from Victorian homes to tall apartment buildings.  

5 Tips On Finding Adequate Storage In Montreal

Meta: Don’t just go with the first storage place that you find. Use these quick tips to easily find the best storage Montreal for your needs.

Life moves fast. If you are not on top of things, well you can find yourself in quite pickle when life does catch up to you. That’s commonly the case with some folks who suddenly find themselves amid a career change or an unexpected relocation. Even when the move is planned, the need for something as simple as storage Montreal can become apparent. Knowing how to find the right services provider for your needs can reduce stress and let you focus on the important elements of the situation.

Location Is Everything

One of the first things that you will want to consider is the location of the Montreal storage service. Think about what area that you are moving to. The likeliest solution will be to find a provider that has locations near to where you are moving. This way, you don’t have to schlep between cities or travel far to access your possessions, and you can also make your move easier all-around.

Look For Insurance Options

Some storage Montreal providers offer insurance options on the units. This is a very important consideration if you plan on storing anything of innate value in your unit. Do not forget to read the fine print on the contract. Generally, providers are not liable if the unit is broken into or is damaged by fire, flood or other natural disaster. So make sure you insure your possessions before storing them.

Climate Control Is Important

One of the most important amenities that you can seek with any storage unit is climate control, according to Square Foot. This is because heat, humidity and cold can really cause some damage to sensitive possessions, resulting in unusual wear and tear. Of course, you can expect to pay more for climate controlled units, but it’s well worth the few extra bucks to know that your valuables are not being damaged by heat or cold.

24-Hour Access Is Mandatory

Regardless of where you end up deciding to store your goods, be certain that you have 24-hour access to them. This way, should you decide that you need to start pouring through old boxes, that you need to take a trip down memory lane, or you wish to retrieve any of your possessions, you can do so at your convenience, unbound by standard business hours.

Special Offers Can Save You A Fortune

Finally, do not overlook special offers. In short: shop around before you just decide on one storage services provider. You will quickly find that this is a rather competitive industry, and that you have plenty of options to choose from. If you take the time to conduct your due diligence, and you glean some of the helpful tips from this article, you will be in a good position to find the right provider for your needs. Getting good storage need not be a headache. Just take your time and you’ll be all set.

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Montreal is reputed for its variety of food, quality and festivals. When I travel, I often miss food from home because it is difficult to meet the same standards elsewhere. Montreal is known for its mouth watering poutines, maple syrup, smoked meat, bagels, and even seafood.
If you have never had a poutine before, I am here to inform you that you are certainly missing out. A regular poutine consists of fries, topped with cheese curds and gravy, creating the perfect snack! If you want to get creative and add some spice to your life, as the Poutine Festival in Montreal did, you can add your own toppings to the poutine. They range from pulled duck, to nachos, and even macaroni and cheese. As we all know Montrealer’s love their maple syrup, so why not add bacon and maple syrup to your poutine as well? Believe it or not, this has been invented too!
Montrealer’s are true smoke meat lovers, from its perfectly seasoned and steamed beef brisket interior, to its seedless rye bread garnished in mustard. The smoked meat is usually hand-sliced in order to minimize the meat from falling apart, and it is usually stacked 2 inches high inside the sandwich, making it super filling. The extra pieces of smoke meat Montreal has to offer are served either as the toppings on a pizza, included in spaghetti or a smoked meat poutine.
If you are in the mood for seafood, you are in luck because this week is the oyster festival. Make sure to be in the Old Port for lunch to indulge in these juicy appetizers from the best restaurants in the city including Notkinds, Park, Bevo, Flyjin, Suite 701 and Taverne Monkland. Last year, these restaurants sold over 23, 000 oysters. That means you do not have to worry about them running out of food! On top of that, there will also be music, shopping, sucking competitions, drink making competitions and a planting competition, so make sure to prepare your oyster skills.
Montreal is also known for its bagels. This doughy deliciousness is usually eaten for breakfast, but can also be served as a sandwich at lunch time. Montreal’s type are traditionally shaped in the form of a ring and made from a batter including yeast, eggs, oil, sugar, salt and more. It’s boiled for a short time in water and then baked. Personally, I prefer when it is baked in a wood burning oven because the taste is truly remarkable. This is the best way to have a chewy, doughy interior with a browned and sometimes crispy exterior. The bagels are often topped with sesame seeds. As a topping most people put cream cheese but butter or cold cuts are occasionally a popular choice as well.
With all these delicious temptations what are you waiting for? Try some today! I assure you, you will not be disappointed!
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Travelling the world and discovering new places can be very exciting. However, planning and organising a trip can be stressful. Here are some tips and tricks so that you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest.
Get a head start
By booking your trip ahead of time, you can reduce the stress of last minute organisation. It also allows you more freedom to book your vacation when you want, and not have to delay it because there is no more room. Booking early can also give you time to shop around and compare different packages and deals. When selecting your flight, be aware that many airports tend to be more congested during the day. Flying in the early morning or evening can reduce wait times and even minimise delays.
Only pack what you need
This tip may seem obvious, but it can also save you a lot of hassle. Proper packing will ensure that you do not over pack or overstuff your suitcase. Airlines have also started charging for checked luggage on domestic flights. When packing, ask yourself if you really need to bring each item. Once you’ve managed to pack only the necessities, you may want to consider investing in one of the best luggage locks. These will ensure the safety of the contents of your suitcase.  
Always have extra cash
Even if you prefer paying with plastic, having cash is always important. It is preferable to keep some cash in your wallet, but to also store it in a more secretive place. Having hidden cash will definitely be helpful if you lose your wallet or if it gets stolen, if your cards happen to stop working or if you have a hard time finding an ATM machine. Good places to stash your cash are in socks, under shoe insoles or even sewing a secret pocket into you travel bag.
Travel safely
Whether you’re traveling in a group or alone, it is important that someone else, such as a friend or family member, knows your itinerary. They can track your flights and may even be able to help you book another one if your flight is delayed or cancelled. It is also useful to give them the address and phone number of the location you are staying at in case there is an emergency. If you are traveling to another country, make sure that you as well as your friend or family member know the location of your country’s embassy. This can come in handy if your passport is lost or stolen.
Take it easy
At the end of the day, any problems or struggles you run into will only make your trip more worthwhile. Travelling is stressful, but how you handle your stress will impact you holiday. Having your connecting flight cancelled and then having to rent a car in the to drive in the snow for five hours to then get on another flight just to finally make it to your destination can make for a great story to share with friends and family. So sit back, relax, and start thinking about your next holiday.

Wedged in between the balmy summers and freezing winters, fall in Montreal is the time for sugar pies and fallen leaves. For many, it is also pervaded by a sense of wellbeing and cosiness; this is the time you can slowly hibernate into your favourite cashmere sweater and get ready for the winter ahead. With its parks, cafes and festivals, Montreal is particularly beautiful at this time of year. Here are the top five reasons why you should visit Quebec’s cultural capital in the fall, and a few suggestions of what you can expect to enjoy.
Mount Royal Parc, Montreal
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September to November sees a steady drop in temperatures so be sure to pack several layers and a warm coat. With the drop in temperature inevitably comes the autumn leaves. This beautiful change in colour and permeation of golden tones through the city may well be a reason for the “Mois de la Photo” being held through September and October. According to the Montreal Gazette, this event is expected to dominate the art scene for a full month. 29 artists from five continents and more than 100 works will be exhibited, in addition to a number of video screenings, workshops, guided tours and artist talks.
Another event to watch out for takes place in the Montreal Botanical Gardens. This fall, visitors will get the chance to wander through the 185 acres of native and exotic flora in the heart of an urban city, explore illuminated paths and see the fantastical Garden of Light. Here, intricate Chinese lanterns are designed to tell stories of Japanese culture and throw the surrounding trees, waterfalls, stones and flowers into new other-worldly lights.
Festivals draw thousands of tourists into the city throughout the year. This still rings true for autumn, when the city hosts a number of festivals including several different film and music festivals. One of the biggest is POP, an annual international music festival that was originally based on the “collective impulse to create a meaningful and vibrant cultural festival”, according to Pop Montreal’s official page. This is perfect for indie music lovers, is non-profit and after fourteen years is a permanent fixture on Montreal’s festival and cultural scene.
How can you mention Montreal without mentioning the food? From fresh soft bagels to delicious smoked meat sandwiches, the infamous late night food go-to – poutine – and classic Canadian fare, any stay in Montreal is as good an excuse as any to seriously indulge. Outdoor markets in Atwater and Jean-Talon continue trade in the fall and are filled with the very best of Quebec produce, huge pumpkins and butternut squashes to name but a few.
As the air gets increasingly chilly, it’s more likely that you’ll be drawn to one of Montreal’s world-famous restaurants and eateries – Au Pied du Cochon, for instance, where you can feast on hearty Quebecois fare including all kinds of foie gras, pork and potato (the menu reads fries (in duck fat), mashed potatoes and poutine), as well as maple crème brulee, cheesecakes, sugar pies and pecan pies.

The Festival International de la Littérature starts on the 24th of September and runs through to the 4th of October. Perfect for lovers of words, this festival breathes off of critical thought-provoking debates, writing workshops and various talks from authors and storytellers. To escape the crowds, consider visiting Argo, Montreal’s oldest independent bookshop, where you can peruse the books and escape the cold.
Whether you are visiting or are a permanent resident of Montreal, the city is beautiful all-year round. There are plenty of Westmount houses for sale and Montreal real estate is renowned for its affordability, elegant European-style and unique architecture, ranging from the duplexes with winding spiral staircases on the exterior to stylish apartments with flower-filled balconies.

Best Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: Canada's Wonderland
Summer brings out the best in me and i always try my best to indulge in as many activities as possible. Having a toddler who is always so ready for some outdoor fun and adventures even makes it more exciting. Only that my energy level is nothing compared to hers 'cause i am always trying to catch up, but it ends up being a major fail! Well, this year, i had the longest summer to-do list just is summer y'all :). Summer is traditionally a time to do all those things you typically dream about in winter. Kids are out of school and families take advantage of the gorgeous weather to travel on vacation. While some of us would rather stay in their city/town to enjoy what it has to offer.
Best Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: Canada's  Wonderland

Toronto to me, is one of the best places to be during summer. Way to many activities and fun places to go with friends and family everyday. I managed to check some things off my to-do list this summer that i highly recommend for everyone who finds their way to Toronto.

1. Toronto Botanical Garden

Best Attractions In Toronto: Toronto Botanical Garden
There is nothing better than being surrounded by pretty flowers. Toronto Botanical Garden is free and so is parking. Prepare to have a fun relaxing day here because it simply has that warm welcoming aura about it. It is big enough to get you all tired and exhausted from walking up and down the grassy hills but the place is so pretty and mysterious you won't even get mad.
Best Attractions In Toronto: Toronto Botanical Garden
Best Attractions In Toronto: Toronto Botanical Garden
Best Attractions In Toronto: Toronto Botanical Garden

A. There is a cafe right there where you can grab a bite or two and maybe take a break while you still get to take in the view from their outside seating area.
Best Attractions In Toronto: Toronto Botanical Garden

B. If you just want to sit back and have a picnic with your friends and family, bring along your blankets and homemade cooking or snacks while you relax and enjoy the sounds of the bird chirping away or listen to the rush of the waterfall

C. Drum roll please!! There is a farmer's market on Thursdays. Woohoo! Sorry, i just happen to be a fan of all things fresh and made with love. You can not miss it because their tents and tables are set up right at the entrance for you to see and shop your hearts away. I actually didn't know that until i arrived there on a Thursday and i was impressed by the idea. I wanted some green iced tea, but they had run out. So i decided to get some rich moist brownies and scones to take home. They were so delicious.

Best Family Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: High Park, Toronto
High Park is located in a beautiful neighborhood area of Toronto where you would be happy to live in. This park very big, simply gorgeous and it has everything any family could ask for in their backyard. It is so big it has its own zoo, a park/playground for kids, yeah, imagine that- A park in a park. It is perfect for hiking with quite a number of hiking trails, a dog park, plenty of free and convenient parking, and not to forget the official venue for cherry blossom. I have spent a few afternoons there but my favorite time was this summer when i went for a walk there to see the zoo.

3. Toronto Zoo

Best Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: Toronto Zoo
If you live in Toronto, the Toronto Zoo is a place you just find yourself going to by default. It is a very big zoo and you will need at least three hours to explore the place, so be prepared to walk, walk, walk. I spent that long there the last time i went and i still didn't get to see all the animals. Such as, the grizzly bear, the panda bear, the elephants and more. Besides, i skipped some places because i was just too exhausted. I hopped on the zoo mobile with my daughter for a tour around the zoo and we were able to see some animals up close who weren't caged just like a safari. She loved it so much, she didn't even want to get off. Actually that is with every ride she gets on.
Best Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: Toronto Zoo
Best Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: Toronto Zoo
Best Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: Toronto Zoo

A. Lots of animals to see so bring along your camera and selfie game.

B. You can pay for your tickets online which was what i did, but you pay $12 flat rate for parking when you get there. They have a membership program that comes with some cool perks too if you are interested.

C. There are tons of places to get food, snacks and drinks from with ample amount of sitting area. Trust me, you will be thankful. So needed.

D. Tickets for the rides, such as, the carousel, the camel and zoo mobile can be purchased from attendants sitting in a small little kiosk inside the zoo. You will spot it as soon as you walk in. I recommend you buy all your tickets at once before heading further into the zoo. You don't want to walk back again when you need one.
Best Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: Toronto Zoo

E. Splash pad! Yes, there is one in the zoo called Splash Island and it is pretty cool. Just retire your day here and  be done with it. Bring along your change of clothes, swimwear, sunscreen and towels and a pillow because this is where your kids want to stay after all that heat.

4. The Beaches
Best Family Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: The Beaches, Toronto

Heck, everyone needs that beach life. I find the beach to be very relaxing, fun and simply gives that breath of fresh air. Who doesn't want to feel some sand between their toes. I'll take that over snow any day. Be warned, The Beaches,Toronto is a pretty big and it is right in the middle of the city. It is known to get really busy during summer time with lots of activities, such as the film fest. It is of course an open beach but parking isn't free from May to September. There are more than enough places to park if you decide to drive or you can take the transit bus right to the beach.

If you are an early bird and would rather go for a peaceful quite walk or run, it is beautiful. I did that once this summer and i loved it.
Best Family Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: The Beaches, Toronto

Unfortunately, you can't swim in the water but if you are big on beach sports, you are in luck here. There is an indoor swimming pool on one end of the beach where so many people flood to. I am not really sure how big it is but there is always a very long line at the door. Everyone wants in except me? :)
Best Family Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: The Beaches, Toronto
Best Family Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: The Beaches, Toronto

5. Canada's Wonderland 

Best Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: Canada's Wonderland

I guess it is safe to say, i am saving the best for the last because the real deal when it comes big thrills, is in Canada's Wonderland. Everything from the moment you step into this happiest of happy places makes you forget about anything else outside the big walls surrounding it.

I paid for our entry tickets and parking tickets online through Paypal which to me, was the best idea yet. I chose to buy the 3-Day Advance Ticket because i wanted to take advantage of the $20 discount deal o each ticket and the option to go any day after the planned day just in case. Even with the fact that i chose to go on a Tuesday to avoid the heavy crowd on the weekend, it was still crazy busy. I was there before noon and the parking lot was already full, but trust me, there were many more empty spots as i drove further in.

Rides are pretty much free to get on once you are in but make sure you have some extra cash or money set aside for food and what not. Things in there are priced much higher than the real world outside those walls, if you know what i mean :). While there are so many rides to get on, we obviously made our way to Kidsville where my 3 year old was little enough (below 5ft) to get on all the rides there and even in most cases safe enough for her to ride alone. There was even a very big playground built like a candy factory where she could run herself silly, climb up and down a make-believe wooden house, go down slides and simply have the best time ever.
Best Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: Canada's Wonderland
Best Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: Canada's Wonderland
Best Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: Canada's Wonderland
Best Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: Canada's Wonderland
Best Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: Canada's Wonderland
Best Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: Canada's Wonderland
Best Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: Canada's Wonderland
Best Attractions In Toronto | Summer Edition: Canada's Wonderland

While, these are places i have visited this summer so far and do recommend, i would be updating as i go along. Remember there is also the CNE exhibition which is another one of my favorites starting August 15th 2015. There are so many more attractions in Toronto i am sure you wouldn't want to miss this summer.

My Walk Through Toronto Graffiti Alley
It is not surprising to wake up one day and decide it was finally time to check out the Toronto Graffiti Alley. I have a bit of a weakness for street art and I will go any length to see them. It always leaves me in awe to see how incredibly creative people are. Even more amazing is the gravity of their work. The range of perfection and flawless artistic minds. Man, did i tell you I love that? They are so colorful, beautiful and filled with hidden , mysterious messages. I like mystery. I could take a double dose of that any given day. Anyway, I decided to take that long walk to Queens Street, but the graffiti alley itself is tucked between Richmond Ave and Queens Street West - Rush Lane. You can also access it through Spadina Avenue which is a major intersection.

It seemed almost deserted when I walked through the alley but i discovered there were businesses such as, vintage stores, carpentry shops, bakeries and more operating from there. Quite interesting must say....

What often goes through my mind when i see an artistic display of art like this is, "Wow, i hope these people are making a ton of money using their talents wherever they may be". Street art is illegal in so many cities all over the world but Toronto has somehow acquired the reputation as the rebel king of graffiti art and has therefore become a tourist attraction. I just love how Toronto always seems to make itself look so cool by making cool things a culture, hahaha. While this graffiti movement started many years ago and was fun for a while but the fight to preserve these hidden treasures in the beautiful city has left me a little heartbroken and torn.  I took some photos to share with you all and if you ever find yourself in Toronto, do check 'em out. It is pretty amazing.